Centaurea ptosimopappa Centaurea ptosimopappa Twinning Project TR02-EN-01
Capacity Building in the Field of Environment for Turkey (2004)
Component 3: Nature
Flag of Turkey
Background Information on EU Tools for Sustainable Ecosystem Development,
and Ecological & Floristical Details on
the Amanos Mtns. / Amanos Daǵları
provided in 2004 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Kehl / formerly Inst. of Ecology / Berlin University of Technology,
Email: harald.kehl(et)berlin.de
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     A summarized Introduction on EU Tools for Sustainable Ecosystem Development.

   Basic Information on European data collection, management and analysis systems on nature:

Please visit also online The EU Nature & Biodiversity homepage!
      [date of last access: 20.08.11]
The European Environment Agency  
The EEA is responsible for developing a network on EU environment information etc.  
EEA - Organisation
    Aims & methods used
    Eionet & NFPs
  Introduction in Turkish
The 'Coordination of information on the environment'  
Large scale mapping [classification of biophysical land cover units]   
Requirements, methods
    EXAMPLE [Amanos HTML 94KB]
The EU network of special protected areas  
Small scale mapping [classification of ecological units]  
Requirements, methods
The European Nature Information System  
Data bank for species, sites and habitats (classification) etc.  
Requirements, methods
      e.g. Habitat Types
      e.g. Site conditions
      Some remarks on
      vegetation sampling (pdf-Files)
      EXAMPLE [Amanos HTML 151KB]
        for EUNIS Habitat classification
   Excursion to the unique Amanos Mtn. Ecosystem (SE-Turkey, Hatay, LöKAT Area) in the Framework
   of the Twinning project    
Amanos Mtn.
Project Area [192KB - sat. image]
    [144KB - Sat. image List and photos
    with sample sites] of determined species
      page 1 [155KB] page 2 [148KB]
        With photographs provided in 2004 byŞ.Çimen, Ü.Ülkütaşir, H.Kehl, and others, modified for the internet by the author
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Preliminary Notes:    
  "Countries calculate critical loads for a wide range of ecosystem types, identified from a number of different data types, for example, land cover, land use, national inventories or atlases etc.. However, no information had been collated on the methods and data used to define the ecosystems, so one can only assume that if several countries gave the same name [...] to an ecosystem, that these were similar ecosystems, when this may not have been the case." (Jane Hall, UK National Focal Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)
  Professed intention by Mr. Mustafa Akincioğlu

(on behalf of the General Director, Acting Deputy General Director, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF)
General Directorate of Nature Protection and National Parks, Ankara, Turkey,
documented within the Joint meeting of the Ecological Networks of the Council of Europe , Dubrovnik (Croatia), 14-15 October 2003 (cf. T-PVS Emerald 11e.03, cf. page 21 of the document)):

  "I would like to kindly give you some information about the Twinning Covenant Project which has been created through the Twinning Covenant TR02-EN-01 [Standard Summary Project Fiche 2002]

within the "Capacity Building in the Field of Environment for Turkey, Component 3 Nature" Project.

The immediate objective of the project is to prepare the implementation of the European nature conservation Directives, namely the

and related European Regulations. This includes both, the transposion of the European legislation into Turkish legislation as well as the establishment of respective structures and pre-conditiones at all administrative levels.

To achieve the objectives mentioned above action is required in the following fields:

  • Creating the conditions for the establishment of the necessary databases, especially the CORINE Land Cover classification and a consistent and accessible database on habitats and species,
  • Fulfilling technical requirements for the installation of the required databases,
  • Establishing communication and working structures that overcome spread responsibilities and guarantee the co-ordination of the involved bodies,
  • Carrying out extensive training programmes to spread knowledge and experience also on the regional level, the future implementing level.

EUNIS Biotop Classification will be carried out in one pilot area in the context of the Twinning project. This study will form the basis for the development of the Habitat Map of Turkey.

While the studies in the context of the Twinning Project are being carried out, the data gathered from ten pilot sub-projects of Emerald Network Project, which was done in 2000 with the financial assistance of European Council, will be taken into attention and re-evaluated."


Please compare also for your information:
[Administrative Capacity for the Implementation of the Acquis communautaire (General Evaluation)]

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Mr. Şaban Çimen, Director of Sensitive Ecosystems Divisions, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Dept. of Nature Conservation, MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forestry), Ankara, Rep. of Turkey;
Mr. Ümit Ülkütaşir, General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Dept. of Nature Conservation, MoEF, Ankara, Rep. of Turkey,
Assoc. Prof. Dr. H. Kehl, Berlin Technical University, Institute of Ecology, Germany,
and others. pointed out specifically.



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